About Company

Company is a leading In consumer marketing and data automation platform with a suite of BrandTech products that enable direct consumer access for increasing Sales and Engagement. The platform helps brands create a Call to Action, Provide end to end fulfillment of the same ( E2E), and gives a 100% value back on customers Marketing and Advertising spends. With over 10 million + Consumer engagements delivered so far, BrandTech is creating the future of marketing.

Project Summary

Customer was in AWS and was looking for an efficient way to migrate their applications form AWS to Azure. Easy deployment and setup of Azure App Service was the key driver. With help from our azure experts, they reduced overall efforts spent on Cloud resources management and administration.
After reviewing the client’s existing environment our team created a plan for a migrating their existing applications to Azure App Service. With the help Azure DevOps the client can automate their deployments to the Azure environment with CI/CD pipelines.


Client was doing manual deployments of their application which was consuming efforts. They did not have staging environments to test out working of application. We wanted to keep migration process seamless with minimal downtime for users and IT team, while making sure that each phase completes within the set timeline to avoid impact on ongoing project.


We assigned a team of experts to assess and analyze the clients existing AWS environment. Using that Information & assessment we build and implement a plan to migrate to App Service Plan and modernize deployment. Team migrated over the Client’s repositories from Bitbucket to Azure Repos. Once the repos had been migrated, we helped set up branching and implemented branch security and policies.
This made it so that developers had access to correct project and made it so that they could not make direct changes to the master branch without creating a pull request. Along with setting up a branching strategy we had also setup a CI/CD strategy to automate deployments to Azure Web Apps. We created 2 environments Test and Production in which the application is first deployed to the testing environment. Once it has been validated that the application is behaving properly in the test environment then the application is deployed to the production environment. With the help of Azure DevOps the client is now able to find and fix bugs faster and have faster time to deployment without compromising security and quality.




Information Technology

Organization Size

Small (100+ Employees)

Products & Services

• Azure App Service
• Azure SQL Server on Azure VM
• Azure DevOps
• Azure log Analytics
• Application Insights


• Easy scale-up and scale-out available in Pay-As-You-Go model.
• Automated data backup.
• Automated Deployment.
• Cost Reduction.
• 24*7 IFI Support.
• Alerts Setup.
• Data Security

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