About Company

This company offers turnkey solutions for both Coal and Gas-based power plants. In addition to undertaking turnkey projects, this firm also offers equipment and other services for power plants. Organization capability spectrum covers coal, gas, nuclear and renewable power projects. The expertise encompasses every aspect of design, engineering, manufacture, construction, and project management.

Project Summary

For a high voltage plants with large KW and KVA rated equipment’s, automation of controlling the power system via instrumentation and control devices is necessary. This can be done using data from intelligent electronic devices (IED), control and automation capabilities within the power sector, and control commands from remote users to control power-system devices.

This organization created a software from Emersion Industries just to make ease of controlling the whole power plants for their trainees. This software is then supposed to host on machines where these trainees can handle it remotely. Goal of the organization was to achieve a compatible operation to work on Azure where they can provide a solution for achieving concurrent executions and allowing their trainees to leverage on Multisession environment with additional securities.



Leveraging a heavy application with concurrent execution was the biggest challenge as it required very high throughput and high IOPS. They needed a solution where their trainees can perform multisession seamlessly.

The owners wanted to provide remote access to their trainees for leveraging that application form remote locations and they wanted to be implemented within a secure environment. Thus, making sure the availability of application to the trainees irrespective of their location.


We did an in-depth analysis for the environment & recommended deployment of Window virtual Desktop (WVD) for their application. WVD integrated easily with the existing business environment which allowed to access the application remotely and supports concurrent access of application. Now, the users access the application via WVD over the internet and users are authenticated with their credentials and MFA (multifactor Authentication) which enhanced the security level of application at stage of authentication. WVD is very easy to Scale up and down as per business requirements.

The Simulate power software was used to provide Graphic intensive application which was required for Modelling of instruments. We integrated the WVD solution with the same for providing seamless application access to the trainees.




Construction, Manufacturing & Engineering

Organization Size

Large (10000+ Employees)

Products & Services

• Window virtual Desktop
• Azure Log Analytics
• Azure Security Center

Post Implementation Benefits

1. Easy scale-up and scale-out available in Pay-As-You-Go model.
2. Automated data backup.
3. 24*7 IFI Support.
4. Alerts Setup.
5. Data Security

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