Project Background:

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has launched a launched “Mukhyamantri Ladli Brahmin Yojana” in the entire Madhya Pradesh on 28 January 2023 which is a DBT-based scheme under which Rs. One Thousand per month will be given to women of Madhya Pradesh for the economic independence of women, continuous improvement in the health and nutritional status of their dependent children and to strengthen their decisive role in the family.

The website and application of this scheme were hosted on the Azure cloud platform to handle the massive workload/traffic so that the target of completing 1.25 crore registration of applicants can be achieved within One and half months.


Project Challenge:

The following are the key challenges:

  1. Efficiently conducted testing and migration of the application code onto Azure App Service within a tight timeframe.
  2. Collaboration with NIC at a strategic level to secure whitelist IPs/custom domain names and DNS entries for hosting the application.
  3. Managed the workload of 56 thousand concurrent users effectively.
  4. The customer emphasized cost optimization, ensuring that billing remained within budgetary constraints.
  5. We conducted a thorough review and addressed issues in the application code, going beyond the initially defined scope of work.
  6. Educating the customer about the intricacies of public cloud services presented a significant challenge, as they were unfamiliar with its nature.


Solution Highlights:

  1. Deployed App Services (managed instances) for application servers to guarantee the seamless operation of the applications.
  2. Utilized distinct application servers: one dedicated to the website “” and another for the MIS “” to effectively distribute the workload.
  3. Implemented SQL Managed Instance for the database server to ensure high availability (HA) and data security.
  4. Facilitated the registration of approximately 1 to 3 lakhs per day via both the Mobile App and Web-based App.


Key Achievements:

  1. Managed peak workloads effectively by implementing scaling policies on App Services, ensuring seamless operations during high-demand periods.
  2. Achieved the targeted number of registrations within the expected timeframe, with no reports of server slowdowns throughout the entire process.
  3. Prioritized cost optimization strategies, ensuring that the billing amount remained within the stipulated budgetary limits.
  4. Recognized by the CM Office with an award for the MPSEDC team’s outstanding performance in completing registrations and disbursing benefits successfully.

Customer impacts:

  1. Customers have greatly benefited from Azure cloud services, experiencing enhanced reliability, high availability, and flexibility.
  2. Successfully accomplished the objective of registering applicants, conducting verifications, and obtaining approvals.
  3. Keeping future scalability in mind, the Customer remains open to embracing public cloud solutions for citizen-centric applications to effectively handle peak workloads.


Technology used:

  • Azure App Service
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Application Gateway
  • Azure Load Balancer
  • Azure Application Insights
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Public Sector

Organization Size

1000+ employees

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Azure Cloud Migration