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Data Leakage — A large part of secure data storage is ensuring no one outside the organization tries to access your data. Another part is ensuring the data isn’t sent to anyone outside your organization. Even if you take steps to prevent anyone in the enterprise from leaking data, your storage provider might accidentally expose the data to the wrong person.

Trojan – Their purpose is to conceal themselves inside the software that seem legitimate and when that software is executed, they will do their task of either stealing information or any other purpose for which they are designed.


IFI Techsolutions Managed offers Azure-native security – With 1-click enablement, Defender for Storage protects data stored in Azure Blob, Azure Files, and Data Lakes. As an Azure-native service, Defender for Storage provides centralized security across all data assets that are managed by Azure and is integrated with other Azure security services such as Microsoft Sentinel.

Rich detection suite – Powered by Microsoft Threat Intelligence, the detections in Defender for Storage cover the top storage threats such as unauthenticated access, compromised credentials, social engineering attacks, data exfiltration, privilege abuse, and malicious content.

Response at scale – Defender for Cloud’s automation tools make it easier to prevent and respond to identified threats. Learn more in Automate responses to Defender for Cloud triggers.

Business benefit

IFI Managed Services provides  Microsoft Defender for Storage which is an Azure-native layer of security intelligence that detects unusual and potentially harmful attempts to access or exploit your storage accounts. It uses advanced threat detection capabilities and Microsoft Threat Intelligence data to provide contextual security alerts. Those alerts also include steps to mitigate the detected threats and prevent future attacks.




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Managed Services monitoring & Compliance - Microsoft Defender