About MMC:

The construction industry is the single largest employer of migrant labourers in urban India with estimated 40 million building and other construction workers. Most of them live on the construction sites with their children. While they are at work, their children are left to fend for themselves, and frequently suffer from malnutrition, injury and illness. Since 1972, Mumbai Mobile Creches has been one of the few non-profits specifically supporting the health, education and safety of children living on construction sites. MMC has reached over 100,000 children across 270 construction sites in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

Their vision is for all children to have a nurturing and happy childhood and their mission is to promote ‘child-friendly sites’; where every child living on a construction site is safe, healthy and educated, and able to enjoy their childhood.

Project summary:

The objective of this Project is to help Mumbai Mobile Creches to setup the mobile application to connect to their existing model driven application which is connected to dataverse. The model provides similar workload for form filling and visibility including offline capability, so that their users can enter data even when they are offline and the same is updated in their model driven application whenever they get connected to the internet.
In this provided system client has around 10+ forms with each fields having unique data types and each form having a different usages and functions. We provided the client with licenses and guided them through creation of new users and basic working with fields. We also provided the forms in Devanagari script to make it multilingual and according to clients requirement.

Challenges faced:

We started the project with very few parameters known to us and gradually the parameters started to increase having unique business process flows and field security restrictions which has to be embedded in multiple forms.

How did we work on the solution & which solutions were provided to the client:
As their parameters started to increase we started to get the full picture of the project underhand, so with the help of weekly sessions with the client we devised a solution to develop the app in a dynamic way so that if the parameter changes in the future it will be easier to incorporate those data types, fields and field securities in the app with the help of model driven application.

Benefits offered to the client through this solution:

  1. Developed a mobile application so that the system will be able to access by every user regardless of their location as opposed to the previous system which was only be accessible via desktop.
  2. Added the functionality of offline upload of data into the dataverse automatically whenever the network is available because they were facing the problem of network connectivity in the remote areas which was a roadblock to their process of data collection and upload.
  3. Incorporated the Devanagari script in the application to make it more user friendly.

Business Impact

  • In comparison to the previous system, which was only available via desktop,
    we developed a mobile application so that any user, regardless of location, could utilize it.
  • They introduced the functionality of automatic offline upload of data into the dataverse whenever the network is accessible since they were experiencing a problem with network availability in remote locations, which was a bottleneck to their data collection and upload process.
  • To make the application more user-friendly, the Devanagari script was introduced which makes their devices user friendly.




Other Professional Services

Organization Size

Medium (51-200 Employees)

Solution Area

• Power Apps
• Microsoft Dynamics 365

Products & Services

• Azure Virtual Machines
• Azure NAT Gateway
• Azure Files
• Azure Storage Account
• Azure Monitor
• Virtual Machines
• Azure Backup
• Azure Automation
• Logic App