About Company

Our of the leading global organization dedicated to supplying brand concepts, graphics, products and solutions to all partners in the retail supply chain. For over 30 years, they had delivered hardline, Softline and supply chain solutions to retailers and brand owners. Today, Company operates globally around 30 locations worldwide providing owned manufacturing, brand management and competitive pricing .

Project Summary

Company had their IT infrastructure in Microsoft Azure, and they needed industry experts for a solution to improve the availability and performance of application hosted in Azure IaaS-based environment. They also required a solution to monitor the performance, failures and live telemetry generated by the application.  After reviewing the client’s environment, our Azure experts decided and created a plan for migrating their existing applications to Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database. With the help of Azure Application Insights, the client was able to monitor the application. With Azure DevOps, the customer was able to automate the deployment which was manual initially.


Customer’s application and database was hosted and configured on Virtual Machine in Azure. They had no mechanism set up to monitor the application performance or capture the telemetry. Client was deploying the application manually which was time consuming. Changes made to the application took longer time due to manual deployment process. Administration of Virtual Machines was overhead as the application was hosted using IaaS environment.


We helped in creating and configuring Azure App Services to host the Web App and Web API. We helped in integrating monitoring mechanism by instrumenting Azure Application Insights with Azure App Service. We helped the customer to migrate to Azure SQL Database. The application availability and resiliency were improved through Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database. We helped customer on setting up CI/CD and code management using Azure DevOps. With the help of Azure DevOps, customer can reduce the deployment time.
Additional infrastructure administration over head was reduced. Also, we are able to leverage elasticity of Azure App Service.


United States


Packaging & Containers

Organization Size

Large(1000-5000 Employees)

Products & Services

• Azure App Service
• Azure Power BI
• Azure SQL Database
• Azure Application Insights
• Azure DevOps
• SQL Server
• Azure Virtual Machine


• Easy scale-up and scale-out.
• Automated data backup.
• Automated Deployment.
• Monitoring.