The customer was provided with a solution that included managed service offering by Microsoft Azure consisting of App Service for their .NET based application with Autoscaling along with SQL database service. The Standard S1 tier of the App service with Autoscaling option enabled and a SLA of 99.95% provided the customer with an opportunity to continue providing the best services to their customers without having to look at the infrastructure and its availability.


Users are unable to connect to the applications and internal sites through personal assets. They are unable to provide the same configuration to access the applications and to the sites. Due to lockdown, employees could not get access organization’s applications running on-premises. Application cannot be made available over the Internet due security reasons. On-premises applications were running multiple offices and only available through private network.

Business benefits

The solution is not restricted to a particular customer as this complete solution of using version control for maintaining the source code, using CI/CD pipelines to deploy the application along with the usage of managed services can be implemented for any customer with a vision to transform their business and develop cloud native applications.




Travel & Tourism

Organization Size

500-999 employees

Solution Area

• Digital & App Innovation