Project Summary

The customer, a popular tours, and travels company, was facing issues with poor performance of their online booking system hosted on a shared hosting service. Their customers were dissatisfied with the slow response times despite paying high prices for the hosting services. Additionally, traditional methods for managing the software lifecycle were time-consuming, making it difficult to develop and deploy new features.


To address these issues, the customer was offered a solution by Microsoft Azure consisting of a managed service offering. The solution included App Service for their .NET based application with Autoscaling, and a SQL database service. By using the Standard S1 tier of the App service with Autoscaling option enabled and a SLA of 99.95%, the customer was able to provide better services to their customers without worrying about infrastructure availability.

Furthermore, the adoption of DevOps practices such as CI/CD pipelines and version control systems helped decrease the time it took to deliver new features and fix bugs. This resulted in added value to their business and positioned them as one of the top service providers in the tours and travels industry.


This solution is not restricted to a specific customer, as it can be implemented by any business looking to transform their operations and develop cloud-native applications. By using version control for maintaining the source code, adopting DevOps practices, and utilizing managed services, businesses can improve their performance and provide better services to their customers.




Professional Services

Organization Size

500+ employees

Solution Area

• Business Applications​